BAIRD, John Logie: A Movietone moment


1930 | BAIRD | Televisión
Personaje: BAIRD, John Logie.

January, 1938. Commentary: Mr. John L. Baird, in the centre, pioneer of television looks in at Movietone's Studio. This is very different to a television sound camera but through it Mr. John Logie Baird is going to tell Australia and New Zealand audiences something about the World's latest screen invention: "It is now 12 years ago since I produced the first little flickering tv image. Today we have in London a regular tv service twice daily with thousands of lookers in. Tv has grown from a scientific novelty to a commercial service. As present the range is limited to 30 miles in and about London. In this connection it is interesting to note that as far back as 1928 I spanned the Atlantic with tv. That was of course purely experimental but who can foretell the future".

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