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HOLLY, Krisztina: A Contrarian’s Approach to Innovation


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Personaje: HOLLY, Krisztina.

April 29, 2009.

This talk by Krisztina Holly, USC vice provost for innovation and executive director of the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, is part of the USC Orange County Regional Alumni Board's 2009 Distinguished Speaker Series, which is co-sponsored by the USC Alumni Association, the USC Emeriti College and the USC Alumni Club of Newport-Irvine. Holly's talk, titled "A Contrarian's Approach to Innovation," was presented at the USC Orange County Center in Irvine on April 29, 2009.

Krisztina Holly spearheads the development of programs to help faculty and students maximize the impact of their ideas. The USC Stevens Institute, a university-wide institute headquartered in the Office of the Provost, harnesses the creative thinking and innovative work taking place within USC College, the university's 17 professional schools and various research programs to build a multidisciplinary approach to innovation.

Holly brings to USC her experience as an engineer and serial entrepreneur. Previously, she was the founding executive director of MIT's Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, where she oversaw the distribution of $5 million in grants, engaged more than 250 faculty and students, and spawned nine startup companies that successfully raised $40 million in capital.

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