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PAGE, Larry et al: Creating Google (Interview)


2000 | BRIN | Empresa | PAGE_L | Software
Personaje: BRIN, Sergey.

Personaje: PAGE, Larry.

28th October, 2000. An interview with the founders of Google (Now Alphabet), Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In this interview the pair discuss how they created Google, including how they came up with the idea and the future of the company, and their early lives. The pair also discuss their work ethic and favourite books, showing a well-rounded picture of two visionary entrepreneurs.

Video Segments:
00:00 Introduction
00:14 Google’s mission
00:58 Others had this objective. You did something about it. Why you?
02:01 How did you perceive the need for Google before anyone else did?
03:58 Google’s future
05:25 Have you met with any special difficulties doing business at this level at such a young age?
06:41 What challenges have you faced at Google so far?
07:37 How did you get where you are so quickly?
10:16 What inspired you to do what you’ve done at such a young age?
11:03 Childhood influences
12:30 Books
13:28 Did you face any special challenges coming to this country from Russia as a child?
14:16 The 24/7 mentality
15:30 What do you think of what you’ve done at Stanford or the University of Michigan?
16:18 What would you like to be remembered for?
17:22 Technology and transportation
18:00 Would you ever go back to Stanford?

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