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The Fairchild Notebooks


1960 | 1970 | 1980 | Chip | HOERNI | MOORE | NOYCE
Personaje: HOERNI, Jean Amédée.

Personaje: MOORE, Gordon E.

Personaje: NOYCE, Robert.

The Fairchild Patent and Laboratory Notebooks predate the integrated circuit. The work described in them revolutionized the science and manufacturing of microelectronics and drove the explosive growth of the region we now know as Silicon Valley. Fairchild was founded by Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce, Jean Hoerni, Julius Blank, Eugene Kleiner, Victor Grinich, Jay Last, and Sheldon Roberts. The history-making contributions of these entrepreneurs included inventing modern semiconductor manufacturing technology (the planar process); building the first practical integrated circuits; inventing low power CMOS technology that enables today's portable digital devices; and pioneering the development of semiconductor memory. All of these breakthroughs and many others critical to our modern technological society grew from ideas written in these notebooks from 1957 to the 1980s. Thanks to Texas Instruments, which donated the Notebooks in 2012, the Computer History Museum is excited to continue preserving the heritage of Fairchild Semiconductor and its extraordinary founders.

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