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Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance
Personaje: GINZTON, Edward Leonard.
Personaje: JOBS, Steven Paul.
Personaje: MOORE, Gordon E.
Personaje: PACKARD, David.
Personaje: SARNOFF, David.
Personaje: SHOCKLEY, William Bradford.
Personaje: VARIAN, Russell Harrison.

Narrated by Walter Cronkite, this is the quintessential documentary on Silicon Valley and the emergence of a new golden age of civilization. This film visually captures the origins and essence of today's technological Shangri-La: Silicon Valley.

Producer/Director, John McLaughlin, has over 25 years of experience as a magazine publisher and trade show producer. No prior experience in film media. Inspired by Ken Burns' Civil War documentary to produce a similar work for Palo Alto's 100 year Centennial. After the Centennial Commission's initial acceptance and eventual list of restrictions to produce the film, McLaughlin went on his own with help from the Palo Alto Historical Association.

Wardell Winslow and John McLaughlin interviewed over 70 people on-camera to compile the footage for the documentary.

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