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The possibility of achieving maser operation in semiconductors has been considered theoretically by several workers. It appeared likely that all the requirements for a maser could be fulfilled by the recently developed GaAs diffused diodes, which convert electrical energy to narrow-line infrared radiation with extremely high efficiency. In fact, Hall and coworkers have just reported having obtained coherent radiation from such diodes in pulsed operation at 77°K. Working along independent lines, we have also obtained coherent radiation from GaAs diodes at 77°K and greatly improved performance at 4.2°K...

Notas/Comentarios de José Antonio Martín Pereda:
Primeros láseres de semiconductor.


  • Autor/es: T. M. Quist, R. H. Rediker, R. J. Keyes, W. E. Krag, B. Lax, A. L. McWhorter, H. J. Zeiger.
  • Fecha: 1962-12
  • Publicado en: Applied Physics Letters Volume 1, Issue 4, page 91, december 1962.
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Formato: PDF
  • Contribución: José Antonio Martín Pereda.
  • Palabras clave: Láseres y electroóptica

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