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There´s plenty of room at the bottom

  • Autor/es: Richard P. Feynman.
  • Fecha: 1960-02
  • Contribución: Fernando Calle Gómez.
  • Palabras clave: Nanotecnología
  • Publicado en: This is a transcript of the talk given by Dr. Feynman on December 29 and first published in Engineering and Science magazine, vol. XXIII, no. 5, February 1960, Pages 22-36.

A new approach to linear filtering and prediction problems

Probability of detection for fluctuating targets

A statistical theory of target detection by pulsed radar

Optical data processing and filtering systems

  • Autor/es: L. Cutrona, E. Leith, C. Palermo, L. Porcello.
  • Fecha: 1960-06
  • Contribución: Miguel Ángel Muriel Fernández.
  • Palabras clave: Láseres y electroóptica, Proceso de señal
  • Publicado en: IRE Transactions on Information Theory (Volume: 6, Issue: 3, June 1960, Pages: 386-400).

An introduction to matched filters

The theory and design of chirp radars

Stimulated optical radiation in ruby

Capacity of a burst-noise channel

  • Autor/es: E. N. Gilbert.
  • Fecha: 1960-09
  • Contribución: Félix Pérez Martínez.
  • Palabras clave: Teoría de la información
  • Publicado en: The Bell System Technical Journal (Volume: 39, Issue: 5, September 1960, Pages: 1253-1265).

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