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Sistemas de control

Die Anwendung komplexer Größen in der Elektrotechnik (The application of complex algebra in electrical engineering)

Über einschwingvorgänge in wellenfiltern [On transient processes in wave filters]

A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits

Relations between attenuation and phase in feedback amplifier design

A new approach to linear filtering and prediction problems

Factoring the spectral matrix

An efficient heuristic procedure for partitioning graphs

Linear prediction: A tutorial review

The development of frequency-response methods in automatic control

The Zak transform: a signal transform for sampled time-continuous signals

Backpropagation through time: what it does and how to do it

Nonlinear model predictive control of glucose concentration in subjects with type 1 diabetes

Models and "black boxes": Mathematics as an enabling technology in the history of communications and control engineering


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