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Dispositivos electrónicos

The Audion: a new receiver for wireless telegraphy

The Dynatron: A vacuum tube possessing negative electric resistance

The effect of a uniform magnetic field on the motion of electrons between coaxial cylinders

The magnetron

Ultra High Frequency oscillators

  • Autor/es: Andrew Vasily Haeff.
  • Fecha: 1932-01
  • Contribución: José Antonio Delgado-Penín.
  • Palabras clave: Circuitos y sistemas, Dispositivos electrónicos
  • Publicado en: Tesis Doctoral defendida en el California Institute of Technology de Pasadena, California, USA, en enero de 1932.

Automatic tuning, simplified circuits, and design practice

A high frequency oscillator and amplifier

The quantum physics of solids: (I) The energies of electrons in crystals

A wide-band inductive-output amplifier

The traveling-wave tube as amplifier at microwaves

The ratio detector

Circuit element utilizing semiconductive material

The transistor, a semi-conductor triode

The behavior of holes and electrons in semiconductors

A unipolar "Field-Effect" transistor

Silicon n-p-n grown junction transistors

Cramming more components onto integrated circuits

Discovery of the tunnel diode

Operating limits of Al-alloyed high-low junctions for BSF solar cells

50-percent more output power from an albedo-collecting flat panel using bifacial solar-cells

High injection phenomena in p+in+ silicon solar cells

High-efficiency photovoltaic conversion with spectrum splitting on GaAs and Si cells located in light confining cavities

Absolute limiting efficiencies for photovoltaic energy conversion

Practical high efficiency bifacial solar cells

Increasing the efficiency of ideal solar cells by photon induced transitions at intermediate levels


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